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WORK PACKAGES WP1-8, Nov 2022 - Nov 2026 (4 years) 

The MOXY project started on Nov 1, 2022, and will continue for 48 months till November 2026.  To attain its ambitious objective to develop a radically new green AO technology to safely remove highly problematic CBC from a broad range of CH surfaces, MOXY will articulate its research into 8 work packages (WPs, Table 1). WP1 has as a primary object to achieve a proof-of-concept lab scale MOXY device, including the design and engineering of key features of the device and testing activities. WP2 is a work package aimed at an interdisciplinary AO technology requirement elicitation study, detailing coordination and supervision of research activities for the technological development of AO technology and testing activities. WP2 will conduct research that feeds into the development of AO technology which is the focus of WP1. Moreover, WP2 will coordinate the selection (inventory and shortlisting) of CH materials and methodologies which will be carried out in WP3, WP4, and WP5. These are focused on the investigation of AO interactions with typically challenging CH materials and carbon-based contaminants, and the testing and validation of novel AO technology (Figure 2). In WP3-5 CH professionals and heritage scientists will test and validate take the technology developed in WP1, bringing it to TRL6-7. WP6 will investigate the environmental impact, Life-Cycle Assessment LCA, sustainability aspects, and how green AO technology will transform and impact CH's best practices. WP7 is dedicated to communication and dissemination and WP8 is to project management. The project structure and the interaction among the different WPs, as in the Pert diagram Figure 1. 

Screenshot 2023-01-08 at 23.42.43.png

Table 1. List of MOXY
Work Packages WP1-8

Figure 1. Graphical presentation of the components showing how they inter-relate.


Figure 2. Graphical presentation of the components of CH material selection and testing,  showing how they inter-relate.

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