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MOXY kick-off meeting at Ghent University Sept 7-8, 2022

On Nov 7 MOXY project started with a kick-off meeting at Ghent University. MOXY consortium members were greeted by  the NASA scientists  Bruce Banks and Sharon Miller who pioneered AO technology in art conservation. The project team, represented by 25 researchers at the kick-off meeting   was warmly welcomed by the European Commission's REA officer Athanasios Gerakis, and discussed the most immediate steps and longer term strategies. The overall objectives and detailed Work Packages, as well as practical collaboration and administration aspects  were discussed. Conservation scientist and conservators continued the meeting on Nov 8 at Ghent University, where the discussion focused on the selection and prioritisation of cultural heritage materials which will be included for AO cleaning testing. 

MOXY_KIck-Off_Keynote (1).jpg
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